Introducing Premier’s new packaging, display and discount offer!

Premier Packaging 1Now available on our web site ( is an offer for a starter set priced at $10.50 (plus shipping) for 3 bowls and 3 matching lids.  These bowls are the authentic thing!  They are absolutely pure to the level of one part per 40 billion.  So, why risk ingesting contaminants such as animal byproducts from road kill and euthanized stray cats and dogs? Order your set now while the deal lasts.

All Vegetarian Drive-Thru Coming Soon???

The Huffington Post reports that Amy’s Kitchen will be opening an all-vegetarian drive-thru in July.  The first restaurant will open in Rohnert Park, California, a city north of San Francisco.  Vegetarian diets have doubled over the past five years so hopefully this will be the first of many restaurants nationwide.


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