U.S. Chickens Can Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic?


Parent Society reported the FDA admits that prior to 2011 over 70% of U.S. chickens contained cancer-causing arsenic..


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SquirrelWe need to have more people sign our petition to put the fact that there are no animal stearates on the labels of foods that are wrapped in plastic packaging or stored in plastic containers!  As the stearates are becoming more putrefied because of the use of diseased or euthanized animals being used by rendering plants, there is growing evidence that they can cause critically dangerous health problems.  Learn more about these stearates at slideshare.net and type “animal stearates” in the search box, then click on the Premier presentation.

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Animal Stearates Online Petition

Our online petition to build a groundswell for a law that labels animal stearates as harmful has risen to 738 signatures, up 200+ in the past 3 weeks!


Demand that food packaging and food containers eliminate toxic animal stearates.

author: Walter Guarino

target: The FDA, state and local governments and plastics manufacturers.