Dr. Walter Guarino, a leading spokesperson on the growing “Purity in Plastics” initiative, speaks at recent Halal Business Conference.

Dr. G Phila Conf

March 19, 2018 Fairfield, NJ— President of The ERC© Group, a certification company of Premier Equity Advisors LLC which developed the world’s only 100% pure plastic protocol,  expressed great concern about the lack of knowledge among religious and health-conscious groups that most plastics leach animal byproducts into the food they eat.  As quoted in THE INTERNET REPORTER,  Dr. Guarino “believes his company’s ‘protocol” (chemical formula) for pure plastic should be the standard for the industry.” A sister company of The ERC© Group, Premier Group International, Inc., not only developed the standard but also created a “100% pure plastic” polymer called PurOlyn®, which is “pure to the level of one part per 40 billion,” This “palm oil, coconut oil” or “vegetable oil”-based plastic, meets the “legal” as well as “scientific” criteria for “100%” purity, he added in a later interview.

The article goes on to state; “Plastic, food-service products, such as bowls, cups, trays, eating utensils, and plastic food wraps, absorb animal byproducts (mostly “tallow” – an animal fat, and “stearates” – animal salts) during the manufacturing process when the tallow is used to release the plastics from the design mold, Dr. Guarino said in his presentation.”  What is of notable importance is the fact that once the animal-infected plastic comes in contact with the food, “the animal byproduct migrates to the surface of the container or film to (contaminate) the food — especially when micro-waved or frozen,” he explained.

With regard to the Halal businessmen, the owner of the Pure Halal Center and organizer/host of the conference state   “This is a $3.7 trillion industry.”   When other audiences concerned with this problem (including Kosher, Vegans, health-conscious group et al.) are added, the pure plastics industry is estimated to be several billion dollars larger. To learn more about The ERC© Group and its parent company PEA LLC., visit http://www.pregrp.com.


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